Lip Blush – Long Lasting Lipstick Effect

Picture-Perfect, Flushed Lips

Lip blushing is a semipermanent makeup technique designed for your lips, which allows you to enhance your natural color and shape, or camouflage some minor corrections like asymmetry, scarring, or hyperpigmentation.

Procedure requires two sessions, 4 weeks apart (the second session is a touch up)
Procedure takes around 3 hours
Lasts anywhere between 1-2 years
West Phoenix Location Only

During your appointment at Steady Micro, your artist will:

  • Map your lips based on your natural measurements
  • Match the pigment color to your favorite lipstick/ desired color
  •  Use the shading technique to add shape, color, and definition to your lips
  • Thoroughly review the healing process and aftercare instructions

Benefits of Lip Blushing

  • Long-lasting lip color
  • Increased pigmentation for pale and aging lips
  • The ability to customize your lip shade
  • Fuller-looking lips without need for injectables or surgery
  • Enhanced lip symmetry
  • Color correction for scars and uneven pigmentation

How to Prepare for Appointment

Make sure to prep lips a few days before your tattoo with daily applications of lip scrub and balm. Skin should be smooth, soft, and hydrated before the procedure to allow for even pigment saturation and proper healing overall.

Lastly, say no to cocktails the day before your lip blushing service; experts recommend avoiding alcoholic drinks for at least 24 hours prior.

If you’re unsure whether you’re an ideal candidate for lip blushing, schedule some time to chat with your chosen artist before your appointment.

What's the Tattoo Process Like?

First, the artist will draw your desired lip shape with a lip pencil for you to look at and approve, which basically acts as a stencil. When it comes to picking out a color, clients can bring in their favorite lipstick, or photos of healed lip blush tattoos they love. Once you’ve chosen the color and your artist has created your lip shape, they’ll set your lips with a setting powder to keep the shape in place.


The healing process for lip blush tattoos takes about five to 10 days. Within 24 hours of your lip blush tattoo, you can reduce swelling and tenderness by applying ice packs wrapped in clean paper towels.

Keeping the area clean and applying a healing balm as needed will make the healing process easy to manage.


As you heal, take a pause on workouts and touching your lips to anything that can potentially irritate or infect them. Avoid sweating, swimming, kissing, eating spicy foods, and applying any cosmetics to the area until they are fully healed.


Expect your healing lips to peel but resist the urge to pick or scrub at flaky spots, which can alter your final results.