Eduardo Nuñez has been a professional barber for over 13 years, as an experienced barber he has dealt with different types of hairlines, head shapes, cowlicks and hair texture there is. He has been able to implement those barbering techniques into providing the most natural and unique art of Scalp MicroPigmentation. The detail and realism in Eduardo’s work demonstrates an undoubted passion for his craft. His enthusiasm for these two amazing industries, as well with his hard work and dedication has been shown through the creation of his 4 SMP/ Barbershop locations. His mission is to continually provide exceptional services and expand the line of SMP Barbers by educating. As an SMP educator Eduardo ensures to provide his students with the best education and tools. After successfully completing Scalp Micropigmentation Hands On Training course he offers his students an opportunity to use his proper fully equipped facilities to provide the best service possible. He strongly believes that by sharing the right knowledge everyone can grow and become an expert in this industry.

Paulette is a Permanent Makeup Artist who specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation and Lip Blushing. As a perfectionist by nature, she has such precision and knack for tasteful, hints of definition and color theory that you can see it all come alive in her work. Her love and passion of enhancing ones own natural beauty while complimenting each individuals features is widely accredited and she is obsessed with creating the most natural hairlines and lip blush possible. She is passionate about making others feel more confident and secure about themselves.

“When You Love What You Do, You Get The Inspiration And Brighten Others” I have always had a passion to help others and being able to accomplish this through my skills bringing them confidence and happiness is a blessing. I absolutely LOVE to help change lives on a daily, my clients inspire me to keep going forward in this amazing beauty career.

Paulette ensures each client with quality customer service throughout the consultation and treatment. The process involves both the artist and the client and her priority is customer satisfaction therefore, there is is no moving forward until the client agrees with the color and shape.

Not your average tattoo artist, Jayd Hernandez specializes in the art of camouflage. She helps conceal stretch marks, scars and hair loss with permanent ink in Gilbert, Arizona. Jayd has been an SMP Artist for over three years and has worked on over a hundred women (and men). An advocate for continuing education, Jayd is always exploring and experimenting with inks, color theory and tattooing. She’s happy to share the things she’s learned along the way of this growing industry.

Jasmine Lara is a dedicated brow specialist and truly values her work. Given the proper trainings and certifications from Phi Academy to achieve your dream brows with permanent makeup, she also delivers excellent customer support. As a professional, she listens to her clients needs and best accommodates with the services Jasmine has to provide. “It is my pleasure to make sure you leave satisfied with the results and know I’ve helped deliver the eyebrows you have always wanted.”- Jasmine L. 

Chavo is a SMP Artist at Steady Micro Pigmentation. He experienced hair loss himself in his early 20’s and found SMP as a solution to restoring his confidence. This led to his journey to train and become an SMP artist. Chavo is experienced in different SMP techniques which allows him to create customized natural hairlines for each individual client. He has an artistic background with the utmost attention to detail. He also has a deep desire to help improve and make a difference in the SMP industry. He’s passionate about helping others and has a mission to create life changing experiences for his clients.