Meet Alex Chavez (Chavo) a dynamic individual with a passion to helping others and a mission to create life changing experiences for his clients.
Alex experienced hair loss himself in his early 20’s and found SMP as a solution to restoring his confidence.

This led to his journey to train and partner close to the leading educators in Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to also become one of the best practitioner and educator.

Alex has always displayed an insatiable curiosity and a hunger for knowledge. This lead to the experience of combining the best aspects of different SMP techniques from around the world to create his own unique technique. Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, these techniques allows him to be versatile in creating customized natural hairlines for each individual client.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Alex has an artistic background with the utmost attention to detail and a deep desire to help improve the industry.

Alex has completed challenging treatments, has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely passionate about SMP. His purpose is to help others struggling with hairloss and mentor a new generation of SMP practitioners who are making a name for themselves in the industry.


Fiber Consultation

Receive A Visual

In-Person or Over the Phone Consultations Available. During this appointment we will discuss hair-loss, desired outcome and show you how SMP can change your look. You will receive a personalized price quote and number of sessions needed.

Hairline Restoration

Soft, Firm or Hard
Personalized Quote Required

Restore your receeding hairline. It is 100% customized to your hairline needs, it gives you the ability to fully customize the hairline style that fits your look and age. Best for those at hair loss stage 3 & up. Usually requires 3 sessions of 3-4 hours.


Hair Thinning
Personalized Quote Required

SMP is a great way to add the natural look of density to existing hair. Achieve remarkably natural results. This technique allows us to add as much density to the scalp as possible, to darken the scalp to prevent seeing any whiteness or thinning.

Beard Micropigmentation

Fuller Beard
Personalized Quote Required

Beard Micropigmentation creates a fuller beard by layering impressions on top of each other to mimic a five o’clock shadow. As you complete each session the beard will get darker. By matching the skin tone and facial hair color to the proper pigment shade, light impressions are made on the beard to fill in any bald patches.

Touch Ups

Existing Clients Only
Personalized Quote Required

Fading usually happens with SMP. This, however, takes a long time to become noticeable. For many, it can be necessitated around the 3-6-year mark. This change can greatly vary from person to person. Besides fading, there are also times clients would want to refresh their Scalp Micropigmentation.

Scar Camoflauge

Bye, Bye Scars
Personalized Quote Required

Camouflage the look of scars so that it blends in with the rest of your hair. Whether you’ve received a scar from an injury, surgery or hair transplant procedure FUE/ FUT. Reduce the size and shape of the scar and/or camouflage the scar into the hairline to reduce the appearance of the scar up to 100%.


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Hairline Restoration