Find a Lasting Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning

  • Create New Life into Thinning Hair

  • Reconstruct Receding Hairlines

  • Add Density to Hair Transplants

  • Camouflage Bald Patches


SMP adds density to the scalp, this is a great way for men & women to create a thicker, fuller-looking hair. It works by creating the illusion of hair follicles and darkening areas that hair loss is starting to show up.

What Does It Mean to Add Hair Density?

When we talk about adding hair density with SMP, we need to be clear—we’re not adding actual hair to your head, we’re adding the illusion of hair follicles with pointillism. Your hair itself won’t be thicker or fuller, but it will appear more dense on the scalp because we blend your native follicles seamlessly with our work. When you choose Steady Micro for Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, we provide hyper-realistic results that look completely natural.
Clients who want to increase hair density have a full head of hair and a hairline that is largely intact, but they have some areas that are thinning and need to be blended. We see both men and women who want to increase their hair density with SMP. Men typically have diffuse thinning, while women with female pattern hair loss often want to focus on the hairline and part line.

Men’s Density

Women’s Density